Cornwall Council backs fleet event in latest air quality effort

Photo: Alex_Ishchenko/iStock

Cornwall Council backed up its commitment to clean air for the county recently by sponsoring CGON’s Driving Innovation masterclass.

Hosted at Bodmin’s Beacon Technology Business Park on January 31st, the event aimed to encourage vehicle fleet operators in Cornwall and the wider south-west to reduce emissions and cut their fuel costs.

A series of talks from notable fleet-related companies provided fleet decision-makers, environmental managers and anyone interested in lowering vehicle fleet emissions with the information necessary to make positive changes.

Speakers included representatives from the Eco Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme, Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (Low CVP), Eco Drive, CGON, Water Fuel Engineering (oxy-hydrogen autonomous electrolysers) and Cornwall Council themselves, providing air quality and business regulatory advice.


The event sponsorship was the latest move by Cornwall Council to help improve air quality across the region.

In early 2017, Cornwall Council received a grant from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Department for Transport to trial emission reduction technology on the council’s vehicle fleet.

Cornwall Council conducted independent testing of 'electrolyser' technology, including CGON’s ezero fuel enhancement technology, throughout the year. The system generates hydrogen gas, which mixes with fuel, via the vehicle's air intake, resulting in a more complete combustion, reducing emissions and improving fuel economy.

Two different electrolyser products have been included in the trial, which has been carried out on ten council vehicles and tested independently. The results of the trial will be made available in early 2018.

Simon Johnson, managing director of British manufacturer CGON, believes air quality is one of the most pressing issues facing the UK today.

He commented: “Working on projects like [Cornwall Council’s] Clean Air for Cornwall strategy presents an important opportunity to show how effective and how viable solutions, such as the ezero fuel enhancement system can be for any vehicle, from cars and taxis to buses and HGVs.

“Working with the leading experts in emissions testing, we can show the tangible benefit to fleets of all sizes and continue to inspire other local authorities and cities to consider the very real opportunity to improve air quality and benefit from a cost saving in the process.”

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, adds: “It’s great to see Cornwall Council take the initiative in improving air quality and we suspect this event sponsorship won’t be the last.”

Photo: Alex_Ishchenko/iStock

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