Crown Commercial Service

Framework RM1027

Fuel Cards and Associated Services

The Fuelcard People are proud to have been selected to be a Crown Commercial Service supplier under the Fuel Cards and Associated Services framework agreement (RM1027).This agreement offers a solution for the provision of a range of fuel cards and associated services providing local, regional and nationwide coverage.

It supports fleet managers in managing and controlling costs, providing an easy method of payment for fuel and detailed management information for efficient fleet management. The improved efficiency of managing vehicle fleets actively supports the Government’s austerity and green agendas.

The agreement is also open to organisations that do not necessarily have a large fleet of vehicles but would like to introduce fuel cards as an efficient and secure way to pay for business fuel.

benefits of the framework agreement:

  • A simple and secure method of payment for business fuel
  • Nationwide networks covering over 70% of UK forecourts
  • Cost control and reduction
  • Detailed management information for greater fleet management, efficiency and accuracy

not all fuel card companies are the same?

  • Not all fuel card companies are Crown Commercial Service suppliers – The Fuelcard People are.
  • Not all CCS suppliers can provide a whole range of different products to suit your organisation – The Fuelcard People can.

Download our call off agreement order form here.