public sector savings

reduce your fuel and administration costs

There’s a product from The Fuelcard People that’s just right for you, as we have the widest range available from any UK Crown Commercial Service supplier. It can put you firmly in control with no complicated conditions or compromises.

video: reduce your fuel and administration costs

The highest level of savings that a public sector organisation could wish for, all guaranteed under the CCS fuel card framework agreement.

  • Fixed Weekly Fuel Prices

    Your fixed price for fuel – dependent on the network – is applicable nationwide for seven days, and is sent the week before the price becomes active. It is normally sent by email or SMS text.
  • Reduced Administration

    Managing the refuelling of your organisations vehicles has now become a time-consuming everyday chore, so making it simpler really makes sense. The more you reduce the time needed for fleet administration, the more time you and your staff have to concentrate on improving your business. With a very simple weekly VAT-approved invoice emailed to your PC, replacing the need for collecting, checking and collating all those hundreds of filling station receipts and credit card slips. With a card from The Fuelcard People your organisation will spend substantially less time and effort on fuel administration.
  • Cost Savings

    We would expect that you could save up to 5p per litre off local pump prices and up to 10p when filling up on the motorways.
  • Price Check

    What’s our lowest price for diesel and petrol? Tell one of our friendly team some brief details about your fleet and we will let you know the lowest price you could be paying with one of our business fuel cards this week. Try our Price Check service today.
  • Price Calculation

    We receive prices weekly from the oil companies, controlled by movements in the base oil rate on the commodities market. Prices are subject to change week-by-week basis, depending on changes in the price of oil.
  • Rebates/Discounts

    Any rebates/discounts applied to your account are taken in full against each transaction at the point of invoice. It could be taken instead as an annual rebate, if required.
  • Account Fees

    The Fuelcard People offers value for money and transparency: there are no hidden extra charges. An annual charge is applied to cover card production and administration. These fixed costs would otherwise have to be recouped though your fuel costs.
  • Improved Cashflow

    You only pay for the fuel you use, after refuelling. You have no cash tied up in fuel stocks, either in a bunker network or in your own tank. Subject to credit status, no pre-payments or deposits are normally required.
  • Payment

    The varying intervals between refuelling and automatic Direct Debit payment (other options are available) can mean as standard, under the CCS framework agreement, up to two weeks of interest-free credit for fuel purchases. Extended terms may be available upon request.

Yes, you want to make savings on your fuel bills, but you also want to be sure you have the best security and unrivalled service – this is what makes The Fuelcard People stand out from the crowd.