public sector security

peace of mind with secure fuel payment

Fuel cards from The Fuelcard People are seen as one of the most secure ways for a an organisation in the public sector to purchase diesel & petrol, for instance they do not contain our customers’ personal or the organisations financial details, such as bank sort codes and account numbers. They are therefore far more secure than bank credit and debit cards.

video: fuel cards – a compete security package

Our Fuel cards also give the public sector all of the following security features, with the peace of mind that we are a Crown Commercial Service supplier:

  • Purchase Restrictions

    Fuel cards, the most secure way to refuel organisations vehicles, most of which allow the restriction to purchase only specified products, e.g. diesel or petrol, reducing fraud.
  • PIN Protection

    Cards are PIN-protected. No bank details are held within the cards, to prevent cloning for access to your bank account.
  • Cancelling Cards

    Customers registered to use our FREE eServices online account management package can cancel cards immediately 24/7, when used in conjunction with Card Protect.
  • Fraud Protection with Alerts/Reports

    Once you are signed up for eServices (Free of Charge) you can benefit from irregular usage alerts notifying you if a card is misused. This could cover refuelling more than three times per day, for example, drawing more or less than a specified amount of fuel or use at inappropriate times, such as nights or weekends. We email you as soon as we receive information from the site, enabling fast investigation and cancelling of cards if necessary.
  • Insurance

    Card Protect is a value-added subscription service giving greater peace of mind. Once you notify us via eServices of a lost or stolen card, further transactions on that card are not your liability. You are covered for losses of up to £12,000 on your account. This service is automatically applied to all of your cards, unless you specify otherwise.
  • Quality Fuels

    We supply top quality fuels from all of the major oil companies: BP, Esso, Shell and Texaco. This includes non-standard and premium fuels, such as Shell FuelSave.

As well as market leading security, we compliment this with fantastic service, and unbeatable savings.