public sector service

you won’t find better because we care

With oil prices constantly on the news you may well be looking for savings on fuel costs, The Fuelcard People can of course help you with this, but we want a long term relationship with our public sector customers, working under the CCS framework agreement, which means more than just competitive pricing.

video: you won’t find better service because we care

We provide a complete service package to our public service customers, under the Crown Commercial Service framework agreement…

  • Fuel Card Selection

    The widest selection from the UK’s only range to include all of BP, Esso, Shell, Texaco, Gulf, Emo and Pace, as well as the Diesel Direct (Keyfuels) and UK Fuels networks. Backed by unbiased, expert opinion to find you the best package of savings, convenience and availability. We work closely with you to ensure the best fit with your specific requirements, whether depot by depot or for individual drivers or vehicles.
  • Convenient Refuelling

    Cards accepted at over 7,000 service stations nationwide, including supermarkets and almost 70% of motorway services, which is over 80% of all the service stations in the UK.
  • Price Notification

    Before you draw a drop each week, with one of our commercial rate fuelcards, receive a FREE price notification to your mobile phone, laptop or fax.
  • Account Management

    You always talk to the same person, not a random call centre operator, having a dedicated account manager who understands your business and knows your requirements. You gain fast, informed help for card orders/cancellations, reporting information, site enquiries, pricing and anything else you need. On-going reviews enable us to identify new opportunities that may benefit you. We are the UK’s only supplier with ISO9001 quality accreditation for fuel card management and service.
  • Online Account Management

    eServices, your comprehensive online management package, gives full 24/7 control of your account: card orders/cancellations, cost centre allocation, downloadable PDF invoices and view/download both invoiced and un-invoiced transactions as CSV files into Excel.
  • Reporting

    Free reports to show card usage, cost centre analysis and irregular usage, with detailed breakdowns of each, downloadable into most reporting packages.
  • Invoicing and Payment Terms

    We offer various payment terms, subject to credit status, with the flexibility to suit your needs. Invoices, emailed in PDF format, can be split by cost centre, card or driver and can be supported with our reporting options. All invoices are fully itemised and comply with the EU 6th Directive for VAT reclamation.
  • Card Management

    Cards can be stopped promptly and replacement or new cards ordered via your account manager or through eServices; new cards should arrive within a week. Cost centres can be allocated to each active card for reporting purposes.
  • Fleet Emissions

    Count, control and cut your fleet’s emissions. Our unique emissions counting service, CO2Count, allows you to monitor and reduce your fleet’s CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions whilst helping to protect the world’s rainforests and their indigenous peoples by supporting our environmental partner, Cool Earth.
  • Business and Private Mileage Reporting and Complete Fleet Management

    Every mile counts. MileageCount is another exclusive, unique service we offer. MileageCount calculates accurate MPG reports for your fleet, including the split between business and private mileage costs to satisfy the HMRC reporting requirements, and also helps you meet your Duty of Care obligations to your drivers.
  • Card Protect

    Zero-liability card insurance. Card Protect provides you with complete confidence, with zero-liability insurance on your fuel card account. From the regular conversations we have had with our customers, it has become clear that one of their major concerns is the possibility of card fraud. Whilst we know that our fuel cards are the most secure method of fuel purchase – much more secure than cash payments, or payment by credit or debit card – to provide our valued customers with peace of mind, we launched Card Protect.
  • eBilling

    eBilling allows you to receive your invoices and statements direct to your email address in PDF format as soon as they are produced, therefore avoiding delays in the post. This file format is secure and cannot be manipulated, and will therefore be accepted for VAT and Inland Revenue purposes. You should advise your local tax office if you intend to change to eBilling, using the template document supplied.

Great service is only the start, peace of mind from our market leading security features and savings on your fuel and administration costs.