Shetland Council set to save £100k a year with new telematics service

Photo: AndrewJShearer/iStock

Shetland Council is saving an average of £8,400 a month after implementing Teletrac Navman’s telematics earlier this year.

The Scottish region introduced the solution in March 2017 and it can now look forward to an annual saving of over £100,000 on fuel reduction alone, Teletrac Navman says.

Many of Shetland Council’s workforce spend a lot of time working alone, such as responding to emergencies, and the new telematics service now means the council can check where they are and if they’re safe.

The local authority can also use the software to monitor driver safety, particularly speed and cornering on minor roads, which can become treacherous in winter.

“Due to the location of our islands, any solution the council adopts has to be locally maintainable and reliable, so being self-sufficient and resilient is critical,” explained Shetland Council’s executive manager Carl Symons.

“Since February 2017, our driver scores, which are based on a range of metrics such as speeding, harsh braking and cornering, have improved by 100 per cent. We expect to see continued improvement in the coming months.”

A speed limit of 50mph has been implemented on larger vans and following feedback from drivers about speed and customer requirements, smaller vehicles may take on a greater role within the council’s fleet in years to come.

Mr Symons went on to say: “Our resilience is based on ensuring the correct kit is in the right place, at the right time, and second-by-second vehicle tracking allows us to do this.

“Shetland still has a lot of blackspots where mobile phone or 3G signals are almost non-existent, but the communication with the system has minimised problems which can arise.”

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, adds: “With communication sometimes proving tricky, Teletrac Navman’s telematics seems to be the right tool for the job.”

Photo: AndrewJShearer/iStock

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