Skoda kits out Kodiaq for blue-light fleets

Skoda kits out Kodiaq for blue-light fleets

Skoda has introduced a new version of the Kodiaq SUV modified for use by the emergency services.

The fully converted Kodiaq rapid response vehicle has been dubbed the ‘most versatile emergency services vehicle ever’ by the Czech carmaker.

They say the Kodiaq’s practicality, multi-terrain abilities and class-leading interior space makes it perfect for emergency service conversion.

The fully converted vehicle features a 100-amp three tone siren and 360-degree visibility, made possible by powerful LED signal lights built into the front screen, grill, tailgate and number plate.

A number of smart-assistance features optimise the Kodiaq’s safety, with technology that helps the driver stay safe when changing lanes and keep their distance from the vehicle in front, as well as detect and protect pedestrians.

Other handy tech includes a back-up electricity source, full smartphone connectivity, remote boot opening, wireless phone charging and less advanced features like door edge protectors.

With up to 2,065 litres of space in the rear or seating for seven occupants, the Kodiaq is a versatile, flexible and facilitating tool for blue-light fleets.

Emergency services can also benefit from state-of-the-art medical technology and the Kodiaq’s modified chassis, equipped to deal with the excessive demands placed on it during an emergency vehicle’s life on the road.

Henry Williams, Skoda’s head of fleet, said the Kodiaq is capable of tackling anything asked of it.

“It’s our extensive experience in this sector that gives us a unique understanding of the extreme conditions both the vehicle and driver are placed under, and as such the bespoke nature of requirements needed for the vehicles,” he commented.

“Time and time again, our vehicles show the required versatility, flexibility and reliability to meet the needs of any service operator.”

On a similar note, Skoda has just introduced a new potent version of the Superb, tailored to police fleets.

With 280PS (276bhp), the Superb 280 is the most powerful production Skoda ever and uses a turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine to race from zero to 62mph in 5.8 seconds, making it a great option as an undercover police car.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, added: “Skoda has been a favourite among fleets for a while now but it has really proven its worth to blue-light fleets with this kitted-out Kodiaq and speedy Superb.”

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