are hidden extras raising your fleet fuel costs?

Many fleet operators in the public sector are being hit by unexpected extra costs (transaction fees) when refuelling. It has been widely reported, by such publications as FleetNews and Fleet World, that thousands of drivers fill up every day without realising that their fuel card suppliers, such as Allstar, have raised prices by imposing an additional transaction charge. The charges are usually £2.00 every time that the card is used, which soon mounts up. Even a small business with just one or two vehicles could pay hundreds more over the course of a year.

are you paying up to £2 transaction fees?

The transaction charge issue became headline news during 2013 and continues to be a hot topic of online conversations today, when customers took to the Internet to claim that a fuel card company had introduced transaction charges without warning them.

The Fuelcard People has taken many phone calls and emails from public sector fleet managers wanting to switch to another fuel card supplier. They are looking for a supplier like The Fuelcard People who always insist on clarity and transparency. Many of these companies have informed us that they had not been properly informed about the other supplier’s new transaction fees. Our team are still receiving calls from organisations who have only just noticed the extra costs on their fuel card invoices. Now we are a Crown Commercial Contract supplier of fuel cards under the framework agreement, public sector organisations you can be confident that they will get a fair deal.

our advice to fleet managers is:

  • Check your fuel card invoices for transaction charges.
  • If you need any assistance we can help you scutinise your invoice.
  • If you don’t like what you find, ring your dedicated account manager and complain.
  • If you don’t  have a dedicated account manager, but are expected to queue for a random call centre operator, take that as another good reason to look for a new supplier.

Contact us today for friendly assistance to help find the best fuel card for you and your business, with no more transaction fees.